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Always Covered

Girls Satin-lined Shower Cap

Girls Satin-lined Shower Cap

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Our Satin-lined Girls  Shower Cap allows you to skip a wash day in style. Carefully crafted from premium waterproof recyclable fabric, this Always Covered turban-style design elevates the shower cap from a passé necessity to an everyday luxury. This cap lasts shower after shower with elastic at the back and a no-slip silicone grip around the inside, this shower cap is sure to stay put. For very long hair we recommend our beanie shower cap.

Adjust this cap by using the bow.

  • Reasons we’re sure you’ll love it:

    • Designed and engineered for long-term use to save you money • Eco-friendly
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Protects all hair types
    • Satin lined
    • Adjustable
    • Stylish design
    • Larger capacity than other shower caps in the
    • Stylish design
    •  Waterproof
    •  Quick drying
    • Protects your luscious locks between washes
    • Comfortable to wear
    •  No skin indentations
    •  Multi-use for spa treatments and makeup applications
    •  Reusable

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